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Agile Platform for Ambitious Companies

Turn your customer data into a revenue generating machine

Gain Insights to Customer Behavior

Omni channel data capture
Integrated data across channels
Track & Analyze customer behavior in 3 clicks
Ecient customer segmentation

Increase Customer Engagement

Create automated campaigns and offers tailored to customer insights

Increase engagement at crucial points in customer journey
Personalized offers based on purchase history
Drive behavioral change - increase purchase with targeted incentives
Move customers through tiers based on activities

Measure Campaign Performance

Leverage previous campaigns to build better loyalty programs
Know which programs generate the most revenue
Keep a financial health check of your reward programs
A/B test campaigns and programs easily
Learn from analytics to forecast future behaviors
Easy reward settlement and reconciliation

Reward Intelligently

Grow repeat customers by rewarding them throughout their journey

Real time, rule based rewards
Create custom reward mechanisms that suit your business
Run collaboration programs with our network of prestigious merchants
Grow your following with referral programs

Enterprise Ready

99.9% Uptime
Role Based access control
Audit logs
Reliable customer support

Big Data Analytics. Turn Numbers Into Decisions

Stamps will accelarate downstream insights for your marketing system. Total integration of transactional systems (PoS, website and mobile apps) allows you to create a single actionable customer view.