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Increase Revenue, Streamline Operations, and Get Closer to Your Customers

Customer Relationship Management

Easily manage and analyze your customer’s life cycle data to increase loyalty, engagement, and revenue
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Order Management System

The best omni channel ordering system to streamline your operations. Integrates with marketplaces and food aggregators.
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Fleet Management

Manage deliveries at scale, instantly. Single platform to manage your own fleet and third party logistics providers.
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Marketing Services

Use big data to design targeted campaigns that generate better ROI. Design memorable campaigns that increase user loyalty.
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Business Intelligence

Deep dive into your customers behavior and design effective KPIs. Create RFM reports that accurately measure customer lifetime value.
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Increase operational efficiency by reducing cashiers. Improve customer experience by allowing them to quickly place orders.
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Success Stories

Hundreds of Satisfied Customers Since 2009

Mondial Postcard Microsite

Designed and developed for Mondial to generate virality, send personalized postcards to your loved ones via the microsite.

Popeyes Kiosk Integration

State of the art kiosk ordering system, carefully curated for Popeyes stores across Indonesia.

Levi’s® Fit Finder Gamification

Use gamification to create stronger brand engagement. A dress-up game with Levi’s® collections in celebration of International Women’s Day.

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